"Spiders" is a song by System of a Down from their first album, also named System of a Down. The song was featured on the Scream 3 soundtrack. This song is the only song on the bands first album, along with "War?" and "DDevil" not to contain any vulgar content.


"Spiders", like many of System of a Down's songs, is written in the key of C minor. The song relies heavily on the Cm, Bb, and Eb chords, as well as Fm, Gm, Ab, B, and Db. "Spiders" uses 4/4 time at a slow tempo, and employs drum-rolls and syncopation in the verses. The music can be described as haunting, ominous, dark, frightening, and depressing. with its dark melody and echoing vocal overdubs. Serj's vocals, while low and melodic in the verses, become more energetic and dissonant in the refrains. The song's minor-key intro serves as a musical motif for the rest of the song; it repeats throughout the song in its normal and raised third forms. After the second refrain, Daron delivers a solo bridge that creates harmonic tension with its B and Db (non-key) chords. The song ends with a soft vocal version of the intro motif.


It is possible that a spider in this song is a symbol for computer chips (the V-chip). The chip on the cover of the single looks vaguely similar to a spider (small, black, many legs). The spiders all in tune - the chips operating properly.

According to the liner notes on the album (associated with this song), Spiders is best interpreted as a song denouncing government regulation at the personal level (through subliminal advertising, the v-chip, and other government controls). It could be expressing fears that the government is using modern technology to watch the activities of its citizens. The following is quoted from the liner notes: "Your dreams are no longer sacred, as they are subject to a process known as remote viewing." Also, the V- Chip is also mentioned in the lyrics ("Your lives are open wide/The V-chip gives them sight/Of all the life running through her hair"). There are also faint voices that can be heard in the background in the beginning repeating what Serj says.

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A music video was shot in 1999 and was directed by Charlie Deaux.

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