"P.L.U.C.K." (Politically, Lying, Unholy, Cowardly Killers) is the 13th song in the 1998 eponymous first album by the alternative metal band System of a Down. The music was composed by guitarist Daron Malakian and the lyrics were written by singer Serj Tankian. It originally appeared on their first demo tape in 1995, with slightly different lyrics.

Song MeaningEdit

All of the members of System of a Down are of Armenian descent. This song is dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide. Many System of a Down songs, e.g. "Holy Mountains", are, or are believed to be, about Armenian issues. The band itself has fought for the official U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide[1].


On the album booklet, before the track number and the title of the song, there is a dedication which reads:

"System of a Down would like to dedicate this song to the memory of the 1.5
million victims of the Armenian Genocide, perpetrated by the Turkish
Government in 1915."

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