System of a Down, surprisingly, has many unreleased songs; for reasons undefined. Because they haven't been released, these songs are hard to find, but most of them can be found on P2P software, or on file-sharing websites.

Storaged MelodiesEdit

Made in the year 2002, there is an actual CD of unreleased songs, including the song "Will They Die For You" (featuring other artists) on the South Park Chef Aid Soundtrack, and "The Metro", featured on the "Not Another Teen Movie" Original Movie Soundtrack. "Marmalade" was included in the soundtrack of the movie, "Strangeland" and "Storaged" in "Heavy Metal 2000"

Tracklist Time Official Released
1. Storaged 1:21 Heavy Metal 2000
2. Marmalade 3:04 Strangeland - Original Soundtrack
3. The Metro (Berlin cover) 2:59 Not Another Teen Movie - Original Soundtrack
4. Snowblind (Black Sabbath cover) 4:40 Nativity in Black, Vol. 2: A Tribute to Black Sabbath
5. Johnny 2:10 B-side to "Chop Suey!" single
6. Will They Die For You? 3:48 Chef Aid: The South Park Album
7. Feel Good 4:13 from band Hed PE's album "Broke"
8. Shame 2:43 from album "Loud Rocks" a compilation album
9. Starlit Eyes (Snot feat. Serj Tankian) 2:51 from band Snot's album "Strait Up"
10. Mushroom Cult (Dog Fashion Disco feat. Serj Tankian) 4:35 from band Dog Fashion Disco's album "Anarchists of Good Taste"
11. Patterns (Iommi feat. Serj Tankian) 4:20 from Iommi's album "Iommi"
12. Don't Go Off Wandering (Demo version; Limp Bizkit feat. Serj Tankian) 4:01 from band Limp Bizkit's album "Significant Other"
13. Friik 2:44 from Demo Tape 4
14. Blue 4:05 from Demo Tape 4
15. Dam 2:39 from Demo Tape 1
16. Honey 2:35 from Demo Tape 2
17. Temper 2:54 from Demo Tape 2

Demo TapesEdit

There are a total of five Demo Tapes, one Untitled, with early versions of songs and unreleased songs. Demo Tapes are extremely hard to find, even on file-sharing websites. Ontronik "Andy" Khachaturian performed drums on Untitled Demo Tape, and Demo Tapes 1 and 2, before being replaced by permanent drummer John Dolmayan. Some of the information about what songs are on the tapes are inaccurate, because of almost no references. ----The Untitled Demo Tape was "released", or rather, sent to record dealers in 1995---(Source?) Demo Tape 4 was not released to the public, but sent to record companies and Rick Rubin. Demo Tape 1 was released in 1995, almost right after the Untitled Demo Tape. Demo Tape 2 was released in 1996. Demo Tape 3 was released in 1997, as was Demo Tape 4 later that year.

Untitled Demo Tape Songs Time
PIG (Mr. Jack Demo) 4:08
Flake 2:58

The Metro (Demo)




Demo Tape 1 Songs

Sugar 2:59
Suitepee 2:36
Dam 2:39
P.L.U.C.K. 5:29

Demo Tape 2 Songs Time
Honey 2:36
Temper 2:57


Demo Tape 3 Songs Time
Know 3:02
War? 2:45


Unknown jam 2:44

Demo Tape 4 Songs Time
Q-Bert (CUBErt demo) 1:50
Marmalade (demo) 3:18
DDevil (demo) 1:47
Slow (Spiders demo) 3:49
.36 (36 demo) 0:51
Friik 2:48
Mind (demo) 6:20
Suite-Pee (demo) 2:35
Blue 4:11
Darts (demo) 2:39
Storaged (demo) 1:27

Sugar (demo)

The Metro (demo) 3:03

Toxicity IIEdit

This is basically a big Demo Tape of Steal This Album. Somehow it got leaked on the internet.

Toxicity II Songs Time

Virgin tea (Cherry)

Your Own Pace (36) 0:59
Why (I-E-A-I-A-I-O) 3:04
We Don't Give A Damn About Your World (ADD) 3:28
Want Me To Try (Highway Song) 3:26
Waiting For You (Version 2) 2:39
Waiting For You (Version 1) 2:27
Side Of The Freeway (Mr. Jack) 4:19
Therapy (Chic n' Stu) 2:34
Streamline 3:45
Power Struggle (Bubbles) 2:07
Outer Space 2:27
On My Mind (Pictures) 2:18
Everytime (BOOM!) 2:23
Defy You (Nüguns) 2:31
Fortress 2:18

Untitled AdvanceEdit

This isn't considered an "Album", and has no references whatsoever. But it is just a collection of songs that haven't been released, because there are many songs floating around the internet with nothing to belong to.

Untitled Advance Songs Time
DDevil (Demo) 1:48
Innervision (Demo) 2:35
Shame On A Nigga' 2:41
FdA2 1:51
Darts (Demo) 2:40
Bubbles (Demo) 2:06
36 (Demo) 0:52
Prison Song (Demo) 3:27
Q-Bert (CUBErt Demo) 1:48
Spiders (Demo) 3:49
Sartarabad (Armenian Song) 1:01


This is a fan-made compilation of live songs and covers never released by System of a Down

Live Songs Time
Drugs 1:05
Goodbye Blue Sky 1:36
Delphy 0:47
Outro 1:21
La Isla Bonita 1:02
My,My,Hey,Hey 0:50
Burning (Daron's Solo) 0:54
Tired In Living In This World 1:17
Nations 1:11
Sultans Of A Swing 1:39
Nazelis (Armenian Song) 1:04
Julietta (Armenian Song) 1:33
When The Smoke Is Going Down 1:03
Weekends 1:20
Sartarabad (Extended) 2:19
War - (Live Reading 2003) (AMEN cover by Daron Malakian, fused into War?) 3:21


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