Arto Tunçboyacıyan (Armenian: Արտո Թունչբոյաջյան) (b. 1957 in Istanbul) is a Turkish-Armenian musician. A famous avant-garde folk artist (singer, multi-instrumentalist), he appeared on more than 200 records in Europe before arriving in the United States, where he went to work with numerous jazz legends including Chet Baker, Al Di Meola, and Joe Zawinul as well as a semi-regular stint with Paul Winter and the Earth Band. Arto fronts his own group called the Armenian Navy Band. He also worked with Turkish singer Sezen Aksu and the Greek singer Eleftheria Arvanitaki. His brother Onno Tunç was also a musician. Tunçboyacıyan is also a member of the band Night Ark.

His 2001 album Aile Muhabbeti was used as soundtrack in two films: Hemşo (2001) and Mon père est ingénieur (2004).

Serart is one of Arto Tunçboyacıyan's latest efforts, a collaboration between himself and Serj Tankian (singer of the alternative metal band System of a Down), who have found common ground in shared Armenian backgrounds and a passion for sonic explorations in creating music that is claimed to be "completely new."

There is a hidden track on the album Toxicity by System of a Down (right after the song Aerials), where Arto contributed, with the band playing a traditional Armenian Church hymn, Der Voghormya (Lord Have Mercy). This track is commonly known as Arto, seeing as he was a significant part of it. He also played the instrumental part of Science in the same album, and his voice can be heard a couple of times in the interlude of Bubbles, from Steal This Album!


Night ArkEdit

Year Album Label
1986 Picture RCA/Novus
1988 Moments
1998 In Wonderland PolyGram
2000 Petals on Your Path EmArcy
Treasures Traditional Crossroads

Arto TunçboyacıyanEdit

Year Album With other artist(s) Label
1989 Virgin Land Keytone/Svota Music
1994 Main Roots
1996 Tears of Dignity Ara Dinkjian Svota Music
1998 Onno
Triboh M. P. de Vito and R. Marcotulli PoloSud
Avci Svota Music/Imaj Müzik
2000 Every Day Is a New Life Living Music/Earth Music Production
2001 Aile Muhabbeti Svota Music
2003 Serart Serj Tankian Serjical Strike/Columbia
2004 Türkçe Sözlü Hafif Anadolu Müziği Imaj Müzik/Svota Music/Heaven and Earth
2005 Artostan Svota Music/Heaven and Earth
Love Is Not in Your Mind

Armenian Navy BandEdit

Year Album Label
1999 Bzdik Zinvor Svota Music
2001 New Apricot
2004 Sound of Your life part I - "Natural Seeds" Svota Music/Heaven and Earth
2006 How Much Is Yours Svota Music

Other appearancesEdit

Year Artist Song Album
2001 System of a Down feat. Arto Tunçboyacıyan "Science" Toxicity
2002 "Bubbles" Steal This Album!

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